I’m Ruthie, and I’m a little bit obsessed with food.

My passion for the edible has led me through countless jobs in the food service industry, through several food-writing internships and freelance gigs including at the Food Network Magazine, and a into a semi-professional career as a cheesemonger. I live at home in Minnesota by way of the two cities that shaped the tasty tRuth–Madison and New York City.

I believe food is “tasty” when it’s in season, local, unprocessed, affordable, and shared with others. It’s rare in our busy lives that we eat a meal that combines all these factors, and that’s where the “tRuth” comes in. The tRuth is that life is imperfect and often out of balance, and our food choices are too, even if we strive for an ideal.

This blog is a tRuthful record of local empires and unsung heroes alike that have taken a stab at procuring food that is tasty or tRuthful, and often both.

Glad to have you along for the ride.