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The small things have a way of sweeping me off my feet. Soon I'm a dot clenching the string of a rising balloon. Over there, beyond the horizon. But it is the small things, they reassure me. So I let them take me. Take me back to giant, pure joy. angry catfish

If I had no fear


This morning I woke slowly as Jeremy got ready and left for work, and then fell back asleep. I woke again two hours later, disoriented, finding enough energy to consume a small fruit-forward breakfast, slowly read a chapter of Go Set a Watchman, and eat a meat-forward second breakfast before succumbing back into a very deep sleep. My body stirred; it was mid-morning. My eyes focused on the empty white ceiling above me, then the empty beige wall in front of the bed. I dedicated ...

Polenta Triangles in 2014


I've come to love New Year's Day in a way I love no other holiday. Well yes, I do see the merits of adopting an "every day is the start of a New Year" philosophy, and I know I'd be much better off if I made resolutions more often than just in the fleeting moments of December, but there is something uniquely beautiful about January 1. I appreciate having a reason to look back on how much has passed and how I've changed over the ...

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap: Chocolate-Covered Shortbread


It's not the star drooping slightly at the top of our Christmas tree. It's not the multi-colored packages spilling out beneath it. It's not the lights winking at me as I walk down the street. It's not even the snow lying (ever-so-sparsely) on the ground. When it comes to Christmastime at my family's house, the most anticipated, highly demanded and absolutely necessary component to making Christmas feel like Christmas is...homemade Chocolate-Covered Shortbread. It's a tradition. It's loved by all, even Santa (I have photographic evidence to prove ...

A Date or Two with Food and Fate


"Promise yourself not to solve all of life's problems at once." The quoted glared at me from the November page of my calendar as I looked up at it this morning. It was the first time I'd really noticed the inspirational passage of the month, despite being 23 days in. I even felt compelled to peek at December's almost-materialistic, definitely cultural, slightly poetic quote, "Wrap it all in peace." But as I moved on to the brushing of my hair and the flossing of my teeth ...

the tasty tRuth’s TV Debut!

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 10.13.55 PM

Thanks to Madison's Channel 3, and news anchors Mark and Susan for letting me speak about the influences of Madison's food scene in New York City! It was truly an honor. Watch the video HERE.

A Blogiversary, and a Pumpkin Pie Smoothie


As it were, this strange conglomeration of food and anecdote that is my blog has been visible to the public eye for two years now. Yes, it's the tasty tRuth's second blogiversary. How exactly does one celebrate a second blogiversary, you might ask? I certainly asked. I tried to remember what my own second birthday consisted of, and because I couldn't, I allowed myself to piece together a very touching imagine of baby Ruthie lovingly strapped into a high chair. I'm wearing a frilly pink outfit, ...