Forward Eats MSP: The Herbivorous Butcher


Is it pronounced Herbi-VOR-ous Butcher, or Herb-BI-vorous Butcher? Nobody could say for sure as we clambered into their Near Northeast storefront, bewildered by all the knife-themed decor. And yet, there was no blood to be seen! Meat? Oh yes, we'd found the nationally-renowned hotspot for steaks and sausages--made from plants. Welcome to The Herbivorous Butcher, a haven for all-you-vores (get it?), and the brain child of Aubry and Kale Walch, the powerful sister and brother duo pictured below. "Kale and I both really wanted to do ...

Forward Eats MSP: Local Crate


I'm convinced I've found the two men who are singlehandedly redefining what the word "local" means to the Twin Cities--and national--food scene. "When you say 'local' people think of vegetables right away. But there’s so many different aspects of local that tie into food." This is Frank Jackman, co-owner of the Twin Cities-based mail delivery meal kit company, Local Crate. Mike Stalbaum and Frank Jackman launched Local Crate in November  2015. They left their corporate jobs in "big food" after completing a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund ...

Forward Eats MSP: Isabel Street Heat!


TURN UP THE HEAT, and meet Tony Stoy! Who is Tony? He's the owner of the St. Paul business that produced the best hot sauce in the Twin Cities as ranked by City Pages for the last two years in a row: Isabel Street Heat! He also makes all the hot sauce, sometimes at 9PM after his daughters have gone to bed, because he still has a full-time day job in the car industry. I met with Tony in his production space a few weeks ago, and ...

Forward Eats MSP: Grassroots Gourmet


If the Twin Cities gave out an Employee of the Month award, I'm pretty sure Vicki Potts would have won it several times over. The owner of and face behind the counter at the Grassroots Gourmet booth in Midtown Global Market, this woman is committed to her work on every level.   A transplant from California many years back, Vicki’s upbringing by a mother who bought her groceries primarily from the small farms near which she lived inspired Vicki to create a business centered on local products. "Midtown ...

Forward Eats MSP: The Curious Goat


I'd heard about Sociable Cider Werks pretty frequently after moving to the Twin Cities in spring of 2014, but it wasn't until early 2015 that I finally took a solo drive over to the brewery to check out a craft market they were hosting. The long drive down an unexpected off-shoot of a driveway is memorable for its industrial vibe. But then, as you finally glimpse what might appear to be the brewery's entrance--there's an orange dot that looms ever-brighter in the cider-seeker's eye. A beacon. A food truck, ...

Extra! Extra!: Black Sheep Pizza

Breaking news in my fantasy newspaper! Headline: Wisconsin student spends day in Minneapolis, stumbles on Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza Subhead: Blown away by combination of oyster mushroom, smoked mozzarella, rosemary and garlic This combo is a keeper, and will surely be pursed in my home kitchen in the not-too-distant future. Try it, folks.