About Forward Eats MSP

This is a blog about people, and telling untold stores. It's a conscious examination of the faces behind Twin Cities-based food products and businesses, and sharing their stories with you . Each post presents an inside look at what makes that nominated business successful, and why. Each featured business/product/person then nominates the business they think deserves to be featured in my next post, creating a really awesome trail of foodie love across the greater metro.

Each blog post is centered around an event (typically advertised on the Facebook Page) in which you (yes, you!) are invited to come experience and support the nominated business first hand, usually with perks like a behind-the-scenes tour or free samples. Everyone is encouraged to become a part of the Forward Eats MSP community!!! Shoot me an email if you have any questions: forwardeatsmsp@gmail.com.

But who am I, you ask?

I'm Ruthie, a pensive and omnivorous millennial 100% obsessed with good food. My passion for the edible has led me through countless jobs in the food service industry, through several food-writing gigs including at the Food Network Magazine, and a into a semi-professional career as a cheesemonger. I live in Minneapolis by way of the two cities that shaped Forward Eats--Madison and New York. I like long walks, and I love my cat. Also, ice cream.

I used to write food and NYC-related anecdotes on a blog called the tasty tRuth.