29's magic carpet

If I had a magic carpet escorting me through this new year of life, this is what the carpet would look like in writing:

This year, I vow to show up in each moment as fully as possible; I'll pinch myself if that's what it takes to stay WOKE. I shall allow life to flow through me as it will so long as I ensure my best guides remain at my center, flames aglow like my favorite candle (which, now that I think of it, needs to be replaced soon): love, growth, creativity, connection, humor, passion, pride, adventure. I promise to dress myself in strength each morning and to keep my heart tucked close in my breast pocket on the days I don't feel like wearing it on my sleeve. I will forgive the branches that have fallen from my tree and allow their rot to nourish my roots, and lean into the days when it's clear that too much ice cream needs to be my spirit animal and not a sin. It's just a day, after all. I will give, and it will be raw, and honest, sometimes crooked and sometimes beautiful, and I it's okay if you don't like it but I hope you do.

Catch you on the other side on my slick carpeted ride, 30.